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Aims Portal, the platform for employees of the Indian Railways, offering a variety of services to them. All the essential services for the employees, whether it be on a financial level or personal level. The services include Salary slips or payslips information, Provident Fund information, Loans info, and the list goes on which can be checked on the official Aims portal of the Indian railways which is To avail of any of the services offered on the aims portal, the employee needs to be registered on the portal which can be done by following the information given below.

The full form of AIMS is ACCOUNT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The services provided on the AIMS portal can be accessed through 2 mediums, one is visiting and another is installing RESS ( Railway Employee Self Service ) a mobile app that can be downloaded from the play store.

Aims Portal Indian Railways

Log into the Aims Portal

Please note that if you are not registered on the Aims portal then you can not log in on the portal whether it be Employee self-service login or IPAS login. Please follow the registration process given below and then go through the login guide. Both employee self service login and IPAS ( Integrated Payroll and Accounting System ) login can be done through the information given below.

For Employee Self Service Login

To login as an employee and avail the employees services from the aims portal, follow the procedure given below.

  • Visit the official aims portal through this link or use this url,
  • On the homepage of the official portal employee self services option is given for the railway employees. For reference check the image given below.
Employee self services on the aims portal
  • After clicking on the Employee self-services option, the employee login page will open where you need to enter your employee number and password then click on the submit button.
  • After validation of your entered details, your employee self-services dashboard will open.

Note – There is an alert showing up on the employee self-service login page which states that railways employees are receiving fake calls and they are being asked for their personal details like employee number, bank details, etc. The officials are warning to not share any personal information on such calls as these are done by frauds. We would recommend going through the full details given on the login page by following this link.

For IPAS users Login

  • To log in as an IPAS user, you need to select the Accounting information management system option which is given just above the employee self-service option on the homepage of the Aims portal. Check the image given above for reference.
  • IPAS user login page will open up where you need to enter your username and password then simply click on the submit button to log on to the portal.

For Railway Employee self-service registration

All the Indian railways employees who are not registered on the Aims portal yet can follow the procedure below to get yourself registered as an employee on the portal after which you will be able to access all the employee self services.

  • Visit the employee self service login page of the official aims portal by clicking on this link.
  • From the login page, click on the new user registration option as highlighted in the image below.
  • Now the registration form will appear on the screen where you need to enter your employee number, mobile number, and Date of Birth then click on the submit button.

Important Guidelines for new user registration

After providing your employee number, mobile number, and date of birth the system will verify all these details and the initial password will be sent to the mobile number provided above. Copy that password and enter it on the page then click on the register and login button. After the verification of the entered password, your RESS ( railway employee self-service) dashboard will appear on the screen.

List of Employee Self Services on the Aims portal

Salary ServicesBio-Data ServicesLoans & Advance ServicesProvident Fund ServicesIncome tax Services

Employees Salary Slip on the Aims portal of Indian Railways

Employees can check and download their salary slips from the RESS dashboard by following the procedure given below.

  • Follow the employee’s login guide given above and log in to the employee self-service dashboard on the Aims portal.
  • On your RESS dashboard, there will be several options
    • Bio Data
    • Salary
    • Provident Fund
    • Loans & Advances
    • Income Tax
Employee salary slip
  • Click on the salary option is given on the page and a new page will open where you need to select the time period or which you want the salary slip and then the download payslip option will appear on the screen.
Payslip-download on the aims portal

By clicking on the download payslip button, you will be able to download your salary slip from th aims portal

RESS Provident Fund Services

For the PF services or information, click on the Provident Funds option given on the RESS dashboard and a new page will open where the employee is required to full in the financial year and then click on the submit button.

RESS Provident funds

RESS Loans and Advances

For loans and advances information and services, employees can select the loans and advances option from the employee self-services dashboard which will redirect them to a new page. On the new page, all the details like payments, loans, and advances will appear on the screen as shown in the image below,

RESS Loains and advances

RESS Income tax information & services

Select the Income-tax option from the dashboard of employee self-services and then on the new page fill in the financial year according to your requirement then click on the submit button.

Employee self services income tax details

Supplier Bill Status

Vendors who want to check their bills on the aims portal of Indian railways can follow the procedure given below.

  • Select the last option given on the official aims portal Indian railways which is the supplier bill status.
  • On the new page that will open, fill in the railway zone and the date then click on the go button.Now the information will appear on the screen as shown below.
Supplier bill status report on the Aims portal

How to download your Payslip from the aims Portal of Indian Railways

To download your payslip or salary slip from the portal, you are required to login to your employee self service dashboard first, from there you will get the salary option. Now enter the time period according to your requirement and download the payslip from there.

How can Indian railway employees benefit from the aims portal?

Indian railway employees can use the aims portal to avail various services online, now the portal can directly be used through the web or the employees can also use the RESS ( railway employees self services ) mobile application from playstore.

What is the full form of IPAS?

The fullform of IPAS is the Integrated Payroll and Accounting System

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