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Uttar Pradesh government has made the services of BOR UP NIC IN certificate verification available online for the residents of the state. This is a direct benefit to the residents of Uttar Pradesh as it brings in ease of access and saves their time. Through the portal residents gets access to the online verification services of their certificates without any hassle. Only a verified certificate is valid to be given in various activities like job applications or exams, etc. Whether it is a caste, income, residence, or other similar certificates, all of these can be verified at

A document like a certificate is a crucial one that must be verified on time, fortunately for the people of Uttar Pradesh, the process is easy, online, and very less time-consuming. The verification services provided on the BOR UP NIC IN portal are not just limited to the certificates verification rather it also includes Bhulekh, Khatauni, Bhu Nakhsa, Khasra, etc. BOR UP is basically the board of revenue Uttar Pradesh which is the revenue council department of the state.

BOR UP NIC IN portal

Services offered on the BOR UP NIC IN Portal

Some of the services offered on the portal are listed below.

Bhulekh ( Khasra, Khatauni )
Bhu Naksha
recovery certificate
Anti Land Mafia Portal
insurance plan computerization
Application for Status Certificate
Application for Income / Caste / Residence Certificate
Application for Transfer (Section – 34)
Application for non-agricultural land (Section 80)
Application for Succession / Inheritance (Section – 33)

BOR UP NIC IN Online Certificate Verification Procedure

Certificates in Uttar Pradesh can be verified through 2 portals, one is the E District portal of UP and other one is the portal. Make sure you verify your certificates from the site or department, it was issued. Certificates verification procedures for both the portals are given below.

  • Open the official portal of the revenue council department of Uttar Pradesh by clicking on this link or using this URL,
  • Click on the Certificates verification option given on the homepage of the official portal.
BOR UP NIC IN Certificate Verification
  • A new page will open where you need to click on the certificate verification option as shown in the image given below.
certificate verification on the BOR UP NIC IN
  • On the new page that will open, the users are required to enter their certificate numbers and click on the check certificate button as shown in the image below.
certificate check on
  • After clicking on the check certificate button, your certificate page will open where you need to check all the details and then click on the submit button to complete the verification.

Click here to check the certificate verification process on portal.

Objectives and benefits of the Portal

The services which the residents of UP can avail from the the portal are offered by the revenue council of the state with the objective of making it more convenient for the citizens and efficient, transparent, etc for the authorities. whether it be the application or the verification of certificates, users can easily do it online. These services come from the revenue council of the state because it is responsible for the management of land records. & implementation of some govt. schemes in the state. There are various works of the revenue council of Uttar Pradesh and all that can be checked at the official portal.

BOR UP NIC IN Helpdesk

What is BOR UP?

BOR is the Board of Revenue of Uttar Pradesh, the official portal can be accessed at Residents can avail a variety of services on the BOR UP NIC IN portal.

What are the ways to verify certificates online in UP?

There are various portals for certificate and document verification like the e-District portal of UP, the UP Online portal, and the BOR UP portal.

Which document is required for certificate verification?

All you need to verify your certificate is the unique certificate number.

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