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CEO West Bengal

CEO West Bengal Chief Electoral Officer

The website of the CEO (CHIEF ELECTORAL OFFICER) of West Bengal is a web page designed for the citizens of west Bengal to be aware of all the topics related to elections and also to provide the citizens with user friendly and comprehensive online techniques which are for them to be able to access all the services related to the Electoral rolls of west Bengal. It aims at providing the citizens with real time updates related to voting and elections and also to raise a platform for gathering the feedbacks, queries and complaints of the citizens which are to be duly taken care of.

The CEO West Bengal website gives the citizens access to electoral rolls of the state, old voter lists as well as the facilities to apply as a new voter, know the BLO and polling station, and also searching for their names in the voter’s list of upcoming elections 2020. All the people should register at the national voter’s services portal and vote for the leaders that they consider being the best for their state.


The official web page of the CEO of west Bengal offers various citizen services online some of which are-

  • Viewing the final Electoral Roll
  • Searching Your Names In Voter’s List
  • Know who is Your BLO
  • Know Where are your AC/PC/Polling Stations
  • To Register self as PWD Electors
  • Online Enrolment
  • Knowing Your Electoral Details

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You can register yourself as a voter online as well as offline. Procedures for both are given below-

For Offline registration-

  1. Visit the official website of the CEO of West Bengal here
  2. At the bottom of the page under the download forms section, download Form 6 that will be available
  3. The form 6 will also be available at your nearest electoral registration office or the booth level officer.
  4. Fill in 2 copies of the form and attach copies of the necessary documents, then submit it to the electoral registration office near you.

For online registration-

  1. Visit the national voter’s services portal and register yourself as a new voter-
  2. Then visit the official web page of CEO West Bengal –from the link above
  3. Select the read more of online enrolment section on the homepage, presented with a picture of a keyboard.
  4. Then out of the options that will appear below, select ‘apply to enrol (Form 6)
  5. You will be redirected to the login page of
  6. Enter your username (email, EPIC or mobile number), password (set while registration)  and the captcha code before logging in.
  7. You can then fill in the form 6 online and attach the necessary documents that will be asked for while filling the form and submit your application.
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  1. Visit the official web page of CEO West Bengal
  2. Select the read more link of the online enrolment section on the homepage as mentioned above
  3. Select the ‘track online application’ option
  4. You will be redirected to the login page of
  5. Enter your login details carefully and login after entering the captcha code.
  6. Your application status will appear on the screen.


  1. Visit the official website of CEO West Bengal here
  2. Then on the homepage, select the read more link of citizen services section.
  3. Out of the various options that will appear below, select view electoral roll
  4. Then select your district out of the list that will appear on the next page
  5. On the next page select your AC, and then according to your polling station select if you want to see the final roll or the old electoral roll.
  6. The electoral roll will appear on the screen and you can download the same.

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