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Digital Gujarat
Digital Gujarat, an initiative from the Government of Gujarat, India

What is Digital Gujarat?

State Government of Gujarat started this portal to provide help, benefits and services digitally to the residents of Gujarat. If you are a resident of Gujarat then you can visit the Digital Gujarat portal to avail services and knowledge just from your smartphone. As the name says, this initiative was made with the aim of digitalising the services provided by the Government. Digitalising helps in creating the ease of access to all the people of the state. people can visit this one portal for multiple services and help. Some of the services and information offered on Digital Gujarat are mentioned below.

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Services you will get on the Digital Gujarat Portal

  • All the services related to citizens like Pan card, Election ID, Aadhar Card, vehicle registration details and much more.
  • Information related to Government job opportunities in the state
  • You can also avail services like income certificate, caste certificate, senior citizen certificate, Economically Backward Certificate, Widow Certificate and other similar services.
  • Students can get information related to the scholarships from the Government.
  • Tourists can get services and information related to places to visit and permits and also they can do online tourism booking as well.

So, these are some of the services which can be accessed now through your phone only There are around 70 plus services which the residents of Gujarat can avail through this portal.

Before you avail all these services you will be required to register on the portal first. You can register easily on the portal by following the process given below.

How to register on Digital Gujarat Portal?

Just follow the simple series of steps given below to register on the online Gujarat Portal.

  • On the header, tab click on the registration option.
  • A new page will open where you will have to fill some details like DOB, mobile number, email and password. After filling in these details click on save.
  • Now on the next page, you will have to submit the OTP which is sent on the registered mobile number. After filling in the OTP, click on confirm.
  • A new box will appear on the screen which will show that your data is saved successfully, click ok.
  • To complete the registration process you will be required to provide some more details in the profile section.

Once you provide all the required information the registration process will be completed. If you want to apply for any certificate or avail any service through the digital Gujarat portal then you will have to login first.

How to login to the Online Gujarat Portal?

Follow the simple series of steps given below to login to your account on the Gujarat portal.

  • Visit the official portal from the link given above.
  • On the upright corner, you will see the Login option, click on it.
  • Now on this page fill in your username, password and captcha and click on the login button.

Digital Gujarat Scholarships, Student Tablets & Hostels

People of the State can apply for educational benefits provided by the government in the form of Scholarships. The government of Gujarat offers scholarships from primary school students to college students. There are several scholarships specifically for girls to promote education for girls. The scholarships are provided to all the needy students of the state, irrespective of their caste or religion.

If you want to apply for any scholarship scheme then follow the process given below.

How to apply for student scholarships schemes?

Before you try to apply for any of the provided schemes, make sure to register on the portal. The registration process is given above.

  • Visit the official portal for scholarships here.
  • Login to your account and your account dashboard will open.
  • On the dashboard click on the request a new service.
  • In the filter services section select scholarship.
  • A detailed list of scholarships will appear, select your scholarship accordingly.
  • On this page read the instructions carefully and select your desired language.
  • On this new page, you will have to provide the supporting documents and fill in the application form.
  • After uploading the documents and filling in the details click on submit

The scholarship application process completes here but makes sure to fill every detail carefully and provide all the required supporting documents.

How to apply for the Student Tablet?

Students who are eligible for this scheme can apply and get a tablet from there universities or colleges. The resources are provided by the government of Gujarat. To know about the application process and fees you can follow the official portal here

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do students get with the scholarship schemes by the Gujarat Government?

Students get multiple benefits like monetary in terms of tuition fees, hostel assistance and study material assistance like books etc.

How to check the list of scholarships provided by the Govt. of Gujarat?

To check the list of scholarship schemes you will have to register on the digital Gujarat portal first and then log in to your account and select scholarships in the services filter. The list of scholarship schemes will appear on the screen.

I have lost my password how do I log in now?

Visit the official portal and click on the login button. ON the login page you will see the option forget the password, click on that. Then on the next page, you can log in using your email id, adhar number or mobile number.

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