Extratorrent Proxy & the Top Working Alternatives of Extratorrents

You are reading this that means you are in search of the Extratorrents Proxy sites. There are a lot of fake or non-working extra torrent proxy sites out there on google but the list of proxies that we have provided below are manually tested by us. From all the options we have tested filtered the fastest working Extratorrent proxies & mirrors for you guys.


with these proxies, you can easily access torrent sites without any hassle. The list was specially created for the regions where Extratorrent is blocked for users.

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The Rise of Extratorrents

It came into existence back in 2006 when we didn’t have the 4g 5g speeds. I remember my friend used to download a 1 or 2 GB game and it used to take days to get it done. Although I didn’t check the stats back then I guess these torrents sites used to be the most visited sites back in those days. Some of the big names are kickass, pirate bay, and then of course the Extratorrents. Most of the torrents sites went down due to legal battles of piracy but Extratorrent was the one that lasted longer, for more than 10 years.

With the rise in digital business, piracy and copyrights became a big thing. Businesses were raising questions on the existence of such torrent sites even after having copyrights laws. Extratorrents managed to create a thin line between piracy and sharing permission-based content. Eventually, it went down in 2017 with no clear announcement but it was obvious. The site became so popular that Alexa and Statistics ranked it on 291st number in the list of most viewed or visited sites globally. When the OG went down, mirrors came in and tried to fill the spot, don’t fall in the trap of mirrors claiming to be the original Extratorrents. If I list the top mirrors that managed to fill at least some of the empty space then those would be extratorren.ch and extratorren.ag.

The fall of Extratorrents!

Most of the torrents sites grow and get into the battle of legal existence, the same happened with the Extratorrents as it came into the list of the topmost torrents because of the services and their staff. If you have ever tried Extratorrents then I don’t think there is any need to explain the quality, users used to get from that. Eventually when it came to light then it had to end up with legal battles because of the nature of business. Due to piracy issues the site went down in a lot of regions and which is actually right, These people run their torrents sites based on someone else’s copyrighted content. This is neither legally nor a morally correct thing to do. Eventually, the Extratorrent site was shut down voluntarily because there was no way to get out of the legal battle of piracy.

What’s the role of Proxy in this?

There are regions that have strict piracy and copyright laws which is a great thing in this digital era but there are some regions that have very minimal laws on copyrights and piracy as of now. The proxies or the intermediaries in layman’s terms work as a bridge between the users and the torrent sites. If a client tries to access these torrent sites, the requests are first sent to the proxies that are located in regions with minimal copyright or piracy laws then the proxy server acquires the response from the user’s desired torrent sites. Once it gets a response from the torrent site, the same is then served back to the client. This is only one use of such proxy servers and it is not just made for such activities only. In the end, I would request all of you, not to use such sites and break the law, i have shared the proxy list just for educational purposes and I have by no means any intention to promote piracy.

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