JnanaBhumi Scholarship Portal | Application, Renewal, Status & More

JnanaBhumi a portal that is initiated for the aspiring students of Andhra Pradesh. The Govt. of AP started the Jnanabhumi portal for the implementation and management of various scholarship schemes offered by the state government. There are various Pre and Post matric scholarship schemes that are disbursed through the JnanaBhumi portal. The scholarship schemes offered by the state government aims to provide support in the form of finances and psychological boost as well by encouraging the aspiring students of the state to study without worrying about their financial conditions.

Sc, ST, BC, Minorities, EBC or differently abled students of the state are the main beneficiaries of the scholarship schemes. The government of AP is really focused on the education sector as there have been several statements where the Chief Minister, Mr. Jaganmohan Reddy stated that only education can eradicate multiple problems of the society like poverty, etc. With the education focused mindset, the government is already allocating around Rs. 5,000 crores to help aroun 17 lakhs aspiring students of the state.

Jnanabhumi Portal AP

All the details on the scholarship schemes available on the Jnanabhumi portal, the application procedure, eligibility and all other important information is given below. Make sure to go through all the important details to take the full benefits of the JnanaBhumi Portal of AP.

Scholarship Schemes covered under the JnanaBhumi Portal

There are various scholarship schemes offered to the categories of students mentioned above, by the govt. of Andhra Pradesh. We have listed the key scholarship schemes covered under the JnanaBhumi Poral below.

Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme
Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme
YSR Vidyonnathi Scheme
Ambedkar Overseas Vidyanidhi Scheme
Skill up-gradation scheme

Pre matric Scholarship Scheme

The objective behind providing pre-matric scholarship schemes under the JnanaBhumi portal is to provide educational security to the kids of the state who are in 5th to 10th grade. Under the pre-matric scholarship scheme, students of 5th to 10th grade can complete their education without any stress of financial situations of the family as the state government takes care of that. Govt. schools or affiliated schools offer direct admissions to the eligible students of Pre matric scholarship scheme under the Jnanabhumi Portal.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Family income of the applicant student must not exceed Rs. 2 lakh.
  • Students coming from the following categories are eligible for the Pre matric scholarship scheme under the Jnanabhumi:
    • SC
    • ST
    • BC
    • EBC and other minorities
  • BC Students are only eligible to apply for the 9th and 10th standards.

Scholarship Application process

To apply for the pre matric scholarship scheme under the JnanaBhumi foolow the procedure given below.

  • Download the application form for the Pre matric scholarship scheme from this link.
  • Fill out the application form by providing all the details and attaching all the required documents with it. Help can be taken from the principal of the school in filling out the form or applying for the pre-matric scholarship scheme.
  • Submit the form to the school and it will be further forwarded to the concerned authorities after which verification will be done.

Jnanabhumi Post Matric Scholarship Scheme

This scholarship scheme is for the aspiring students of the state for their higher studies. Now post matric scholarship scheme is covered under 2 main categories which are given below.

Jagananna Vidya Deevena
Jagananna Vidya Deevena scheme provides the eligible student with a full reimbursement of their education fee as the fee is deposited directly by the govt. to the respective college for the eligible beneficiaries students.
Jagananna Vasathi Deevena
Under the Jagananna Vasathi Deevena scheme, up to Rs. 20,000 is provided to the eligible students in 2 installments in a year. We have covered this scheme in detail in another article so don’t forget to check that out.

Eligibility Criteria for the Post-Matric scholarship scheme AP

To apply for the JnanaBhumi PMS, students must be fulfilling all the eligibility guidelines which are given below.

  • There are several courses that come under the Jagananna Vasathi Deevena scheme, so students of those particular courses become eligible for the scholarship scheme. The courses are ITI, Degree courses, and polytechnic.
  • Students must be maintaining 75% attendance.
  • There is a cap on the annual income of the applicant’s family which is Rs. 2.5 lakh.
  • If any family member is a Government employee or ex govt. employees receiving a pension from the govt. then the student is not eligible for the scheme.

JnanaBhumi PMS Application Procedure

  • To start the post-matric scholarship scheme application process, visit the official Jnanabhumi portal by following this link
  • Select the Post Matric scholarship scheme option from the homepage of the official portal. Now click on the how to apply option and download the application form from the link which will appear. For reference check the image given below.
Jnanabhumi Post matric scholarship application
  • After downloading the form, fill it carefully and attach all the documents which are required for the application procedure. ( applicants can also check the list of required documents given below. )
  • Now submit the form to the principal of your college and it will be further passed on to the concerned authorities for verification.
  • Now students will receive a message after which he/she will have to visit the nearest Meeseva Kendra for biometric authentication and basic identity proof checking.

List of Documents required for the scholarships application

Identity Proof
Resident Proof
Income Certificate
Bank Account
Meeseva ID

YSR vidyonnathi scheme

The YSR Vidyonnathi scheme is been helping the aspiring students of the state since a while ago, previously it was managed offline only but now it is covered under the JnanaBhumi portal only. This scheme still receives around 65k applications per year. The beneficiaries of this scheme receive financial support from the government for all India Civil Services and state Group Services The scheme application guide and form are given on the homepage of the Jnanabhumi portal. Interested candidates can easily apply for the scheme by following the guide given on the portal.

Ambedkar overseas vidya Nidhi scheme

Under this scheme, the eligible students get a wonderful opportunity of studying in top international universities. The government provides financial assistance of up to Rs. 15 Lakh to the beneficiary of this scheme for the expenses of studying in some of the top international universities. The beneficiaries of this scheme are very few if compared to other scholarship schemes because of its nature

Scholarship scheme renewal application procedure

If the students want to apply for the scholarship scheme renewal then he/she needs to get the renewal application form and filll it properly. There are some documents required like the previous year’s admit card and other basic documents like identity proof, etc. Submit the form will all the required documents to your college, where it will be further verified and after verification, the student will have to for Biometric authentication

JNANABHUMI Scholarship Status checking process.

To check the status of scholarship on the Jnanabhumi portal of Andhra pradesh, users must be first registered on the portal. Registered users can follow the procedure given below too check the status of their scholarship on the Jnanabhumi portal.

  • From the homepage of the official Jnanabhumi portal, click on the login button given on the top right corner.
  • A popup will appear on the screen where the user is required to fill in their user id and password then click on the sign in button
  • After signing into your dashboard on the jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in you will be able to see status checking option, click on that option.
  • Now provide your application number and click on check status option. Your provided information will be validated on the portal and after validation your scholarship status will appear on the screen.

Features and Benefits of the JnanaBhumi portal

To make the whole process of allocating scholarships to the aspiring students of the state, transparent and efficient this was the goal that gave rise to the Jnanabhumi portal of Andhra Pradesh. Students of the state can explore and avail scholarship schemes that are sponsored by the state government, social or tribal welfare departments, and similar other departments. All of these scholarship opportunities can be found under one roof or under one portal only which makes it easy and convenient for the students.

  • Providing more and more educational opportunities easily accessible to the students of the state is the aim behind the portal and it is currently doing the same.
  • This process can have multiple weak points where corruption can happen, so digitalizing it brings transparency and efficiency to the process from the application of scholarship to the allocation of funds.
  • Making a single platform for the students who are looking for different scholarship opportunities is another step towards enhancing the education system of the state.

Can I check my scholarship status on the Jnanabhumi portal without login?

No, the student or the applicant is required to login to the Jnanabhumi portal if he/she wants to check the status of their scholarship application.

Who are eligible for scholarships under Jnanabhumi?

As there are multiple scholarship schemes offered on the portal, there are different eligibility criteria for different scholarship schemes. We have covered all the schemes and their eligibility criteria in the post above which will clear all your doubts.

How to get a scholarship from the Jnanabhumi portal of Andhra Pradesh?

To Apply for any scholarship scheme on the Jnanabhumi portal, students are required to first register on the portal for which we have provided the process above. After registration students can check the eligibility criteria according to their desired scholarship scheme. If you are eligibile for the scheme then follow the application process mentioned above.

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