PMAY GRAMIN | Pradhan Mantri Gramin Awas Yojana

PMAY GRAMIN is a housing scheme initiated by the Government of India


The Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana was re-named in April 2016 after the Indira Awaas Yojana which was started in January 1996 and aimed at housing aid in rural areas. The PMAY Gramin scheme or the housing for all scheme aims at providing all the household owners and people who have dilapidated or kutcha houses with pucca houses and the basic amenities like water and electricity supply to cater to basic needs.

Houses built under this scheme are low cost, of strong resilience, and also in accordance with the socio-culture as well as the weather conditions that prevail. The government authority managing PMAY GRAMIN carefully selects its beneficiaries targeting those who are genuinely living in such circumstances.

How to apply for PMAY Gramin Yojana?

Before you check the application process just go through the eligibility criteria and the list of required documents given bellow.

Eligibility Criteriafo the Yojana

  1. The beneficiary should not have any pucca houses in any city.
  2. The beneficiary’s family should be having zero, one or two-room kutcha houses and roof.
  3. No literate adult above 25 years of age.
  4. Manual scavengers are eligible.
  5. Legally released bonded labourers are eligible.
  6. tribal groups are eligible.
  7. People living on alms or destitute are eligible.
  8. The people with no shelter in households are eligible.
  9. People with the following measures are not eligible for the scheme.
    • Any Motor vehicles
    • Mechanic Agricultural tool or 2/3 wheel equipment.
    • Credit card with a 50,000 or above the credit limit
    • Any family member earning 10k per month
    • Any family member is a government employ
    • If any non-agricultural unit is registered with the government
    • If professional tax is paid
    • Own any irrigation equipment
    • If the aspiring applicant is paying Income Tax.
    • Own landline, refrigerator, agriculture land.

Also, the government looks into the SECC records for recognition of genuine candidates for the PMAY GRAMIN.

Documents required for application

  • Aadhar card (Aadhar number)
  • Bank account details (account type, bank name, branch, account number, holders name)
  • Job card number registered under MGNREGA yojana
  • SBM-G registration id/number
  • Consent document for Aadhar usage

Application Process

Just follow the simple series of steps given below to apply for the housing scheme by the Government of India so there are 4 levels to register for the scheme which include – personal details, bank account details, convergence details and details from the authority.

  • Visit the official portal here.
  • Under the AwaasSoft dropdown at the top of the homepage, select the data entry option
  • Select the option for PMAY REGISTRATION out of the 3 shown on screen.
  • Select the financial year, enter username and password and then enter the captcha code asked for to login.
  • The data entry page will open on your screen, enter the details asked for in the registration form – gender, mobile number, Aadhar number etc.
  • Upload consent form to use Aadhar number
  • Submit all the details and then click on the search button to see your Name and PMAY ID
  • The beneficiary details will generate.
  • You need to fill in the details asked and follow the steps shown on the screen
  • In the next section, you will have to fill in your bank account details
  • If you want to avail a loan, then click on ‘yes’ in the column shown on the screen and put the required amount
  • Add the MNGREGA job card number and SBM number of the beneficiary in the next section
  • The last section will be taken care of by the authorities.

How to check your name in the beneficiaries list?

  • Visit the official website of PMAY-G from the link given above.
  • Under stakeholders dropdown, select PMAY-G beneficiaries
  • Enter your registration number and submit
  • If you do not have your registration number in hand, opt for the advanced search option
  • Enter the details asked – state, district, panchayat etc.
  • Details will appear on the screen once you fill in all details and click on search.

Features of PMAY-G housing for all Scheme

  • Minimum size of the house built is now 25 Sq.Mt including a hygienic kitchen.
  • The unit assistance amount in plain areas is now 1.20 lakh and in IAP Districts, difficult regions and hilly areas it’s 1.30 lakh.
  • The objective is to cover 1 crore households under the scheme living in kutcha houses by providing then with the benefits.
  • To ensure good quality of construction the government has set up a nation technical support agency to envisage all the projects.
  • Different government programmers like SBM-G, MGNREGA are the sources through which convergence is leveraged for services like toilet construction, drinking water and gas and electricity connections.
  • The central and state government share the assistance expenses in the ratios of 60:40 for plain areas and 90:10 for the other areas.
  • Selection of beneficiaries is done by using housing deprivation measures in the socio-economic and caste census (SECC) so that there are genuine applicants and selection is verified.
  • Pan India training and certification programme has also been running to ensure a sufficient amount of skilled masons required in the scheme.
  • All the PMAY GRAMIN services and implementation are carried out through an E-govt model AwaasSoft and the Awaas app so that it can be easily accessible.
  • Institutional finance up to Rs.70000 is availed to a willing beneficiary, which is supervised by SLBC and DLBC.
  • There is a scheme for LOAN SUBSIDY for which one can apply after registering to the PMAY GRAMIN under which a subsidy interest of up to 3% is given on a maximum of 2 lakh loan.

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