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PNB knowledge centre

PNB Knowledge centre is a portal which is created for the employees of Punjab National Bank. If you are looking for what exactly are the benefits of this PNB knowledge centre and how you can sign in to your employee account then make sure to go through all the details mentioned below.

What is PNB knowledge centre?

Punjab National Bank created a portal for its employees in 2006 which was termed as the Knowledge centre where all the employees will be provided access to the information related to them. Whether it is employee attendance, promotions, examinations, the performance of the employee and most importantly their payrolls and other important circulars. Employees can also check the reasons for deductions and manage almost everything through this portal.

This portal is specifically made by the bank for the convenience of all it’s employees like if you are one of the employees of Punjab National Bank and you want to apply for a leave then you can simply log in to the PNB knowledge centre with your provided credentials and apply for the same online just from your smartphone.

This initiative from the Punjab National Bank was solely for its employees as according to the information provided by the bank in 2019 it has around 70,810 employees in branches all over the country.

How to login to Punjab National Bank Knowledge Centre

If you are a new employee of Punjab National Bank then you might be confused about the login process, no need to worry just follow the steps given below to login to your account.

This will lead you to a page like this

PNB Knowledge Centre login
  • While joining as an employee in PNB you will be provided with the Employee User id or the PF number and the password to access your employee portal. If you haven’t received it from your branch manager then you can ask for the same from your employer or the branch head.
  • Once you have the required details just fill it in here and click on login.
  • After validating your login credentials you will be logged in to PNB knowledge centre where you can easily get the details related to your job.
  • The interface is pretty simple to use you can select from the options for promotions, salary, attendance and other relevant information. Important notices will be displayed on the front page.
  • To access the knowledge centre you can also use an application which is available for both Android and IOS devices which you can download from the play store or AppStore and the login process is same.

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Here are some amazing facts about PNB which you might not be aware of

We all know that Punjab National Bank is a government bank and it has its head branch in Delhi but there are some interesting facts of PNB which you don’t know and some of them are listed below. So if you are an employee make sure to go through these as it might add up to your knowledge as an employee.

  • According to a report of June 2019, the bank has over 115 million customers.
  • The bank has around 7,036 branches and 8,906 ATMs.
  • PNB international bank has branches in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Dubai and some other countries as well
  • In Feb 2018 the Punjab National Bank had to face fraudulent transactions of up to 1.77 billion of United States Dollar.

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