Re-SVAYEM Scheme 2021 | Registration, guidelines & More

The government of Assam came up with an initiative named Re-SVAYEM. The full form of SVAYEM is Swami Vivekananda Assam Youth Empowerment, it is a scheme through which the state government plans to empower the youth of the state. RE- SVAYEM is basically a redesigned version of the SVAYEM scheme which came into implementation in 2017. Through the RE-SVAYEM scheme, the objective is to create an ecosystem or an environment in the state which promotes & provides entrepreneurship opportunities.


As more youth will shift towards entrepreneurship, it will create more and more opportunities in the state and the problem of unemployment will also go down. As the SVAYEM scheme did well after it was launched in 2017, the state govt. decided to bring that scheme again in the light and create more such opportunities and benefit more & more young people of the state. Under the RE-SVAYEM scheme, the beneficiaries receive a sum of Rs. 50,000 as a fund to finance their ideas. According to a report from the state govt. this scheme will benefit around 2 lakh beneficiaries in this phase.

A big sum of Rs. 1,000 crores have already been allocated for the implementation of this scheme. The Redesigned SVAYEM scheme provides support to the SHGs (self-help groups ), JLGs ( Joint Liability Groups ), FPOs ( Farmer producer organizations ) & Cluster Level SPVs/ Federations. The scheme also provides financial support to the existing entrepreneurs as they can also avail a sum of Rs. 2 lakh under the RE-SVAYEM scheme. Banks will be sanctioned 55% of the cost and 25% of the total amount will be borne by the beneficiaries in the form of contribution from the owner.

Re-SVAYEM Scheme Implementation

Apex Committee & Implementation Cell in Assam are appointed to supervise the implementation of the Re-SVAYEM scheme in the state. Implementation will be monitored at the state and district level. Beneficiaries’ applications will be received from the official portal of the SVAYEM scheme. For verification & inspection of the applications received District Level Consultative and Implementation Committee is responsible. After the shortlisting of applications and selection of final beneficiaries, a short 3 to 5 days of training will be provided to them. Only after attending the training program, the beneficiary will receive the very first installment which will be provided through the DBT module, and for further installments, the beneficiaries are required to provide a report of actions taken in the business.

Online Registration for the Re-SVAYEM Scheme

For online registrations, follow the procedure given below.

  • Open the official portal of the SVAYEM scheme by clicking on this link or using this URL,
  • Click on the new registration option given on the homepage of the official portal. For reference check out the image given below.
Re-SVAYEM Registration
  • A new page will open where the applicants are required to provide the following details:
    • Mobile number
    • Group name
  • After providing these details, OTP verification will be done through your provided mobile number.
  • Now setup your password and finaclly click on the submit button. Now login to the portal to complete the cheme application process.
  • After signing into your account dashboard on the portal the users are required to fill in the following details:
    • Group Name
    • Group email
    • Group Address
    • Pin code, district, and mobile number of the group
    • Bank account details of the Group
  • Now upload all the required documents on the portal and save the details.

Eligibility guidelines for the Scheme Application

There are some differences in the eligibility guidelines of individual beneficiaries & Group Beneficiaries, both can be checked from below.

Guidelines for Group Beneficiaries:

  • All the members of the group must be 18 years or above age.
  • Only Residents of Assam can be the beneficiary of this scheme.
  • The group can have 5 to 20 members and it can be SHG, JLG, FPO & CLS.
  • No member of the group should have any loan default history.
  • The basic qualification is a must for all the members in the group to become eligible for the scheme.
  • If the members are already a beneficiary of any similar state or center funded scheme, then the group won’t be eligible for the scheme
  • Any additional skills or experience will add to the chances of the group getting selected as the beneficiary.

Guidelines for Individual Beneficiaries:

  • The applicant must be 18 years or above in age.
  • Must be a resident of Assam and attained the basic qualification.
  • The applicant must not be a beneficiary of similar other scheme by state or central govt.
  • Any defaulted loan will make the applicant in-eligible for the scheme.
  • Any additional skill will be an addon to the application.

Documents required for the Scheme APplication

Some of the basic documents required for application of the scheme are mentioned below. Final list of all the required documents can be checked from the official portal at the time of application.

Identity proof
age proof
Qualification certificate
certificate of skills or experience ( if any )
business ownership/license proof
resident/address proof
Bank details and passbook
Bakijai Certificate
IC/Group registration form

Types of Businesses & industries covered under the SVAYEM Scheme

Service Sector
Handicraft/ Cottage industries
Repairing centers
Agriculture and allied sectors
Rural Transport Services
shops like electric, mobile recharge, etc.
MSMEs and service industries

Login on the portal

On the homepage of the official portal of Re-SVAYEM scheme the users are required to fill in the following details to login to their account dashboard:

  • Select from the group, finance user, PFMS user, or district user option
  • Then fill in your username or mobile number
  • Fill in your password

Now click on the login button

Re-SVAYEM Helpdesk

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