Samagra Portal | Know how to get your SSSM/Samagra ID?

Samagra ID

What is Samagra ID?

Samagra Portal is an initiative by Madhya Pradesh Government. The aim of Samagra ID is to track and provide help to the weaker section of the society. Help in terms of pension, marriage assistance, scholarships, health and food security. People having Samagra ID can avail the benefits of a number of schemes by the State Government. Just like your Adhar number SSSM or Samagra ID is a 9 digit number which will be required to get the benefits of various Government schemes.

Previously SSSM ID was emphasised on providing food security. Which means providing rations at very cheap rates. Then the state Govt. made it necessary for people who wants to avail the benefits of various govt. schemes. The Government of Madhya Pradesh has multiple welfare schemes in Health, Education and other sectors. People of the state can easily register or apply and avail the benefits through the online portal of Samagra. Earlier it was a tough process to apply for it but after the Govt. made it online, the process became easy and transparent. Due to this transparency, the Govt. of MP is able to provide help to the actual needy.

A step by step process for registration for SSSM or Samagra ID is given below but before that let’s discuss some benefits of it first.

Benefits of SSSM or Samagra ID

All the state governments have multiple schemes in different sectors like health and education etc so To avail of the benefits there are different registration processes. What the Government of MP has done is register for only one ID which is SSSM/Samagra ID and apply for multiple government schemes. This removes the hassle of registering separately for different schemes. If you have the SSSM ID then govt. has your record and you don’t need to provide multiple documents while applying for various government schemes.

  • The main benefit of Samagra portal is that it brought transparency in the implementation of govt. schemes. This made it easy for both the Govt. and beneficiary
  • With the Samagra ID, students can apply for scholarship schemes and avail educational benefits.
  • Families can get ration at very cheap rates. financially week people can apply for the pension.
  • All the needy people can avail benefits of health-related schemes and there are multiple other schemes.

How to apply for SSSM ID?

Previously the responsible officials used to conduct door to door survey and collect information of families. They used to ask for the number of family members, age, sex, marital status and qualification etc. All the family members are provided with a unique 9 digit composite ID and 8 digit family ID. The Family id is for all the family members. Changes have been made in the registration process so the overview of the offline registration process is given below.

  • As the new registration process has been implemented, the gram panchayat secretary is responsible for the registration of SSSM or Samagra ID.
  • After the system was made online the registration process is done through OTP on the registered mobile number and the candidates are provided with the login id and password to check status on Samagra Portal

As the process is done through the gram panchayat secretary, if he/she ignores or refuse to register then you can take it in written and file a complaint on Madhya Pradesh CM Helpline

How to register for SSSM ID online?

You can get your Samagra ID online by following the step by step process given below.

  • On the homepage, click on register new member through e KYC. You can also register for family id from the register family option below it.
  • The registration form will open where you will be required to fill details like your residential information, family information etc.
  • Before submitting the information make sure to check the details you have provided.
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How to check your composite ID on Samagra Portal.

  • On the homepage, under the section know your samgra ID click on required information. If you want to know family id then click on know family ID and similarly for other ID
  • Just fill out the required details and click on submit the details. After validation of your details, your ID will be shown.

Also, check out the portal for more information on SSSM ID.

Eligibility and Documents required for Registration.

First of all, you need to be a resident of Madhya Pradesh to apply for any of the state Govt. scheme. The documents required for the application are given below.

  • Documents for Identity
Voter ID Card
Ration Card
10th Marksheet
Adhar Card
  • Document of Residence
Water supply bill
Electricity Bill
  • Passport size photo, mobile number and other basic details

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