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The Hindu PDF is mostly searched by the students in India, specifically, those students or aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams, whether it be UPSC, SSC, banking exams, railway exams, or other similar exams. is the URL of the official The Hindu portal, where their e-paper is published regularly. The Hindu is picked by most of the aspirants & because of that, the publishers created a specific paper for the aspirants. If you visit the URL given above, you will find 2 types of newspaper subscription plans which are Standard paper & UPSC paper.

The Hindu PDF

The Hindu Pdf Newspaper

Newspaper NameThe Hindu
FounderG. Subramania Iyer
Editor & PublisherSuresh Nambath & N. Ravi
HeadquartersChennai, India

Features of the Hindu pdf Newspaper

The main features of the Hindu newspaper specifically for the aspirants are:

  • Parliamentary Debates section
  • Editorial page of the newspaper
  • Courts Verdicts section
  • Updates on latest national & international issues.
  • Updates on Government welfare schemes & latest policies.

Is The Hindu Newspaper Must have for aspirants?

Students have been using the Hindu newspaper as their go-to source of all the information & updates that are a crucial part of their preparations. There must be some reasons behind The Hindu PDf being used by the aspirants for their preparations for a decade or so. We did a survey with some students preparing for competitive exams and got to know about some of the main factors, why students prefer The Hindu newspaper specifically.

  • Factual accuracy over other sources.

While preparing for such a high-level exam, whether you are reading the right facts & information or the information provided by the source is accurate or manipulated is a matter of concern. The Hindu Pdf is trusted by almost all the aspirants as an accurate source of facts & information that are a must for the preparation of the exams.

  • The publishers know, who they are serving to!

The Hindu Newspaper has always been a legit source of all the news updates that are worth reading, there used to be no such entertainment section like other newspapers have Bollywood updates & other similar entertainment sections. Now they have a separate version for the UPSC aspirants which is specifically focused on all the important updates & information required for exam preparations.

Usually, students prefer Pdf copies of the Hindu newspaper because of the easy accessibility. The newspaper is so popular among the students that there are several videos available on youtube to learn the right way of reading the Hindu pdf newspaper. The creators of such videos are teachers & other aspirants only.

Can you Download The Hindu pdf newspaper for Free?

The Hindu has made it a paid subscription, although there are some websites that are providing daily newspaper pdf for free that comes under piracy or copyrights infringements. The Copyright Act & the IT act section 43 has a clause to protect the copyright owner against piracy of their products or services or infringements of their copyrights. Users or promotes of such pirated content can invite civil or criminal charges against them. We don’t think any aspirant would want to get into legal trouble while preparing for such a high-level examination. There can be a lot of disadvantages in downloading or accessing the newspapers from such sites like the pdf files can be easily manipulated hence you might get a manipulate source of information & facts.

The sources providing you such pirate content does not care about your career or future at all, their sole objective is to earn more & more revenue through the flashing ads on such pages. With such an objective, there is no surety of the Hindu PDF newspaper that you are download from such sites is not manipulated. Students preparing for such a crucial position in our bureaucracy have a different set of responsibilities. Although we are also acknowledging the fact that a majority of aspirants comes from weak financial backgrounds hence spending on the newspaper subscription becomes tough for them but keeping that in mind the publishers have come up with some amazing plans that are as follows:

PlansCostCheck out
Monthly AccessRs. 249
Yearly accessRs. 1299
UPSC special pack yearly accessRs. 1599

How to get Access to the Hindu Newspaper PDF?

You came here looking for the Hindu PDF & we will make sure to not let you go off with disappointments without promoting piracy & breaking any law. Some of you have got a chance to win a yearly subscription to the Hindu PDF, all you have to do is comment down below with the reason, why you should be picked for the free yearly subscription? Even if you don’t win, we have multiple alternatives for you which you can access from the buttons below.

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